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Edward Little, USA                                  Veronica Garcia Huidobro, Chile


Gold Award Winners

We found that we had a tie for first place in this competition so, there are 2 Gold Award Winners!!

  • Veronica Garcia Huidobro, Chile
  • Edward Little, USA


Silver Award Winners

• Anara Abzhanova - Kazakhstan
• Izumi Sajiki - Japan
• Danielle Victor - United States
• Francene Levin - United States
• Morgan Richardson- United States
• Ruchell Alexander - United States
• Jon Boe Paulson- Norway
• Richard A Moore, III - United States
• Daniella Hulme - New Zealand
• Mark Holden - Canada
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Emerging Artist Discovery Prize, Gold Award, Art Contest Winner 2011
 Award Winner of the Emerging artist discovery prize, an international art contest and fine art competition.
is created by the texture within my canvases. I fill them with color, and present through form and shape what impassions me the most; especially horses.” Veronica explains. Through her work, she reveals a deep appreciation for horses and their relationship with humans. The intricate detail and anatomical precision of the work conveys the unique relationship between rider and horse.
Veronica expresses her personal connection and passion with horses, which comes through in her paintings. “I ride everyday; and include horses as my main artistic subject, along with the human figure, the sea, and nature”.

“The message I would like to transmit is my perspective of beauty...through the color, the rhythm of brush strokes and the deep feelings I have felt in the process of giving “birth” to each art work. I paint what I feel and motivates me, I intend to never loose the honesty in what I try to transmit, nor the humility.”

SHOWING ANIMALS IN A RANGE SEQUENTIALLY PAINTING HORSES IN DIFFERENT CIRCUMSTANCES; in repose, in action, with other animals, and with people,Veronica’s work illustrates many of the fundamental reasons why humans find horses so alluring. She captures the beauty of these animals. She expresses their grace, and vitality...their deep feeling touches us. Her works speaks to the passion she has found in her relationship with these majestic creatures.
Veronica bond with horses and painting art has enriched her life and given it more meaning. She said, “Since I have started making art I have a different perception of what surrounds me, I feel I have learned to SEE more clearly, and I am continously imagining forms for my artwork wherever my eyes alight.”
This immersion into the heart of nature, art, and equestrian life gives Veronica a a unique opportunity to understand the mesmerizing presence of her horses and she uses these experiences to inspire her art.

HER LIFE IS ENRICHED WITH A DEEP FAMILY CONNECTION as a mother, wife, new grandmother, and full-time artist. “I divide my time everyday between my passion of riding, painting (which is an endless process) and spending time sharing the company of my family, which has grown exponentially! My grand children are triplets, three beautiful girls - two and a half years old, and a baby boy; all of them living next door.”
Although a key part in Veronica’s life, her artistic expressions and domestic pleasures, are not all that Veronica finds inspiring. When asked what experiences have influenced her art most, she said, “Most influential to me was when I organized a Group Art Exhibition project. I invited painters from a workshop I was working with at that time along with homeless people from Corporación Nuestra Casa, who had created their own paint workshops, to participate. We exhibited our paintings together, and the integration was very enriching for all of us. The exhibition was a success and it was a great satisfaction seeing how inspired we all felt by collaborating together.”

This experience had a PROFOUND INFLUENCE ON HER ARTISTIC DIRECTION. “Helping the homeless people of Corporacion Nuestras Casa and other non-profit organizations motivated me to become a professional painter. Before that I painted for myself because it inspired my passions; but when a passion leads you to help others this means that you have found the way of thanking God for what you have received in life.”
Her professional life began in Biology but her attraction to the arts during her childhood, through ballet, drawing and painting eventually led her to complete a Bachelor of Arts at the Universidad Católica in Santiago, Chile.

In her representation of the intricacies of horses, how they look and move and express themselves, and the INTIMACIES BETWEEN ANIMALS AND PEOPLE, Veronica has drawn from her many life experiences and is part of a rich artistic tradition whose larger subject explores the connection between our lives and the wonders of nature. Veronica creates her unique artistic alchemy through her ability to integrate abstract expressionism and the figurative in both a vibrant and muted palette. She brings a fresh approach to a long standing tradition of equestrian painting expressed with a contemporary flair.

VERONICA GARCIA HUIDOBRO IS AN ARTIST WITH A SENSE OF FULFILLMENT as she describes her life and artistic process.

“My childhood and youth were marked by changes; countries, languages, cultures....great experience from meeting so many different people who will always remain in my memories.”

“When I go into my atelier, I already know what I am going to do, I have it in my mind for many days, and the idea has been “shaping” there. I enjoy it when these ideas start to appear in the real world, and it becomes visible for anyone; this is a very pleasant sensation. ” n

2007 Agora Gallery at Chelsea New York, USA
Club Hipico de Santiago
, - Santiago, Chile
2006 “El Teatro” Art Gallery - Zapallar, Chile
2005 Club Hípico - Santiago, Chile
T Art Gallery,“Horses, a passion” - Santiago, Chile
2003 RBK’ART Art Gallery - Santiago, Chile
2002 Las Brisas de Santo Domingo Art Gallery- Santo Domingo, Chile
Matías Vergara Workshop 2001-2006
Martin Soria Art Academy 1999- 2000
Sergio Stichtkin Workshop 1998
Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, Universidad Católica de Chile - Santiago, Chile 1998-2000
Faculty of Biology, Universidad Católica de Chile - Biologist Graduate, with honors - Santiago, Chile 1986-1991
Faculty of Arts, Universidad Católica de Chile - Translation English-French - Santiago, Chile 1976-1980
College Rousseau - Geneva, Switzerland 1970-1974
Saint Charles School - Buenos Aires, Argentina 1967-1970
La Maisonnette School - Santiago, Chile 1963-1966
Assistant in Scientific Research, Endocrinology Laboratory, Universidad Católica de Chile 1991
Course “ Genetic Improvement of Forestry Trees”, Universidad de Chile 1992
Founding partner of “Asesorias Biodata Ltda.”, Scientific and Technological Information company 1992-1998
LANGUAGES: Perfect knowledge of English and French, both written and spoken
Hernán Rodríguez Villegas, Architect
Director of the “Museo Andino”, Director of the History Master ́s Degree and Management in Cultural Heritage program, Universidad de los Andes,
ShowArtists Gold Award Contest Winner 2011
Edward Little Gold Award Winner of the Emerging artist discovery prize, an international art contest and fine art competition.

A successful working artist..
Edward Little, a British artist, living and working in the US since 1983, Little has an impressive resume. It begins with designing and illustrating for corporate, advertising and publishing giants such as American Express, Citicorp, IBM, Mars, Pepsi and UPS. In 1996, he later moved on to interior decorative painting and murals. Currently Little focuses on portraiture and cityscape painting.
In 2011, Little was one of just 158 artists selected from over 2,000 oil painters nationwide to exhibit in the 2011 Oil Painters of America Juried Show in Idaho. The same year, Little graduated from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, with an MFA in Figurative Painting. Alongside a busy art career, he also leads drawing classes at Western Connecticut State University.

“The message I would like to transmit is my perspective of beauty...through the color, the rhythm of brush strokes and the deep feelings I have felt in the process of giving “birth” to each art work. I paint what I feel and motivates me, I intend to never loose the honesty in what I try to transmit, nor the humility.”

Any comments about technical dexterity are too obvious in an evaluation of his work. His art career stretches almost 30 years. Obviously Little is highly educated artistically. A beautiful painter and drawer; but also an artist with a lens. He finds the unnoticed beauty of part of an image and intensifies it: the curve of an arch, the irridescent roots of some spring onions against a dark background, the abstract pattern of parking boulards in a multi-storey parking lot, the lucid vermillion of a chicken’s head.

Now a citizen of the US, Little paints his subject matter with a pride for his adopted country and as a homage to it’s art history. It is difficult to miss the nostalgia in Little’s work for the American past. His repertoire presents us with a timeline of American art, with obvious references to Thomas Cole’s landscapes, George Cope’s still lifes, Whistler’s society portraits and Hopper’s New York. He counts Alma -Tadema, Bourgereau, Sargent, Collins, Greene, Pino, Schmidt as some of the artists that inspire him.

“Every single artwork I see and every artist I meet influences me… some to make sure I never emulate, some conversely. A lot inspires me. I love the fact that I am one mouse click away from thousands of artists and their works; the Internet is a creative person’s elixir.”
A painter of varied media: illustration, design, drawing, even murals, we see him most as an artist who explores light, reflection, shadow and mood in his works. His environments capture the feel of experience.

“My journey began professionally nearly thirty years ago as an illustrator creating work stylistically in the realm of heightened realism. Today whilst I am far from what can be termed a ‘loose’ or ‘expressive’ painter, I have begun to explore a less finely finished result, to introduce an element of atmosphere and individuality into my painting. Ironically I have found this seemingly casual approach demands more effort and focus than photographic realism.”

Little has been painting the landscape is New York City for many years and it is in these landscapes where he lets go of the design brief, and the sharp, clear lines. Some of the buildings even knowingly bend, flat planes of color.
People and objects become second to an unknown force of motion and drive within the atmosphere of the painting. His striking contrasts of light and shade within the city’s architecture cut off the viewer, and beckon us to look around the corner, simultaneously. There exists an obvious comparison to Hopper with his subject and choice of palette, but he does not share Hopper’s stillness. His canvas is a photograph, capturing movement, with only half of the clarity, leaving us to wonder. His New York’s rainy days, with it’s people inside, leaves us with the structure of the city, it’s tall buildings, and long streets stretching to the horizon. A wide world of few figures, people and objects become second to an unknown force of motion and drive within the atmosphere of the painting.

“This stylistic shift can be seen in all my work but is particularly evident in the New York City paintings, through which I have sought to express some of my conflicting feelings about the place: its drama, its majesty, its de-sensitizing scale…the inhumanity of its light blocking towers, the juxtaposition of brilliant gashes of sunlight with lifeless pitch black shadow, the magic of its neon’s and halogens and the ceaseless moving, moving, moving. People are always small and often isolated in these works; this is a reflection of both the architectural form of New York and assumptions based upon my own prejudices. I do not spend too long in the City… enough time to wander, sketch and retreat. “

Edward says his art work has no intended hidden message, but his images bring an sense; a time; an atmosphere, a mood. His cityscapes and landscapes express his sublime confidence and viewpoit that perks the viewer’s imagination. Edward Little is a fine artist of fine art, with a respect for fine art tradition. A maturing artist still evolving and experimenting; it will be extremely exciting to see how Edward Little continues his explorations through his art.
“My childhood and youth were marked by changes; countries, languages, cultures....
great experience from meeting so many different people who will always remain
in my memories.”

2011 MFA Figurative Painting, Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA
1983 BA Double First class Honors (UK): Editorial & Information Design,
RCA, London England. Graduated Summa cum laude
2010 Kent Gallery, Kent, Litchfield County CT. Award for Excellence
2009 Kent Gallery, Kent, Litchfield County CT. Winner of the Maija Velde Award for
Figurative Painting
1993 Society of Illustrators: Young Adult Book Jacket of the Year
2011 Paul Gervais Gallery, Ridgefield, CT
2010 Cartus Corporation, Danbury, CT
2010 Burnham Library, Bridgewater, CT
2009 Burnham Library, Bridgewater CT
2005 Burnham Library, Bridgewater, CT
2011 Oil Painters of America National Juried Exhibition of Traditional Oils, Coeur
d’Alene, Idaho
2011 Tim Good Gallery, Kent, CT
2010 Kent Art Association Members Show: Award of Excellence, Kent, CT
2010 Paul Gervais Gallery, Ridgefield, CT
2009 Higgins Gallery, WCSU Faculty Show, Danbury, CT
2009 Kent Gallery, Presidents Show, Kent, CT
2009 Academy of Art, Spring Show, San Francisco, CA
2008 Burnham Library, ‘Smalls’, Bridgewater, CT
2008 Ridgefield Show House and Tour, Ridgefield CT
2007 Burnham Library, Art and Agriculture, Bridgewater, CT
2005 Western Connecticut State University MFA Alumni Show, Danbury, CT
1999 Kips Bay Designer Show house New York City, NY
1998 Kips Bay Designer Show house New York City, NY
1993 New York Society of Illustrators, New York City, NY
1989 Wilton Public Library, Wilton, CT
1983 London College of Art, London, UK
1999 – 2008 Mr and Mrs T.E.Jones – New York City, Florida, Connecticut, France
1998 – 2000 David Barratt Interior Design NYC – misc clients
1996 – 2000 Beverley Ellsley Interior Design – misc clients; CEO Merrill Lynch, Eddie Murphy...
1996 – 1998 Sheridan Interiors, CT – misc clients
Private commissions in Connecticut (Easton, Fairfield, New Canaan, Redding, Ridgefield,
Southport, Weston, Wilton), Tampa, New York (Bedford, Greenwich, Manhattan),
New Jersey and France. Clients include the CFO Citicorp
Illustration • Product Advertising • Corporate and Graphic Design
1982 – 1996 American Home Products, American Cyanamid, American Express, BAT
Industries, Control Data Business Systems, Danbury Mint, IBM, Marine Services Corp.,
Mars, Nabisco, Ocean Spray, Oglivy & Mather, Olin, PepsiCo, Pet Foods, Quaker State Oil,
Reader’s Digest, Schick, Warner Lambert and Xerox (partial listing).
“Still Life”
Mixed Technique
Emerging Artist Discovery Prize, Silver Award Finalist, Art Contest Winner 2011
Silver awrd winner in the showartists emerging artist discovery prize, an international fine art competition and art contest.
Izumi Sajiki, Japan
“Like space, considering the life of man, In the expression of the eternal possibility without the limit of a single life. Continue our search for the real world that we will find through our spiritual struggle.”
Solo exhibitions
1982 Galerie Ichiyo, Tokyo
1984 -96 Kunugi Gallery, Tokyo
2000, 01 Cast Iron Gallery, N.Y., U.S.A.
2006 O Art Museum
2009,03 Gallery Gaku , Tokyo
2010,04 Gallery Gekkoso , Tokyo
2010,06 The blue box Gallery , Okazaki
2011,01 1/FGallery , Tokyo
2011,07 Maison franco-japonaise
Group exhibition
1981 -87 Association of Jiyu Bijutsu, Tokyo
1994 -96 Contemporary Art Festival, Tokyo
1997 Salon des Artistes Français, Paris
1999 Salon de Mai, Paris
2001-03 Asian Art Now, Las Vegas, U.S.A.
2006 Grand prix at
« Artists Today Franco-Japanese », Tokyo
2006 Galerie Atelier Visconti, Paris
2009,09 Shanghai Art Fair
University in Japan
Calvin Klein, some designers in New York

Emerging Artist Discovery Prize, Silver Award Finalist, Art Contest Winner 2011

Silver awrd winner in the showartists emerging artist discovery prize, an international fine art competition and art contest

Daniel Victor, USA

"Informed by a life spent in the disparate worlds of New York City and the rural region of New York State’s Delaware County, my work, in its celebration of sensory subtlety and profound discovery, stands in stark contrast to society’s superficial and desperate striving for reinvention, newness and youth. In the lineage of photographers such as Aaron Siskind, Harry Callahan and Edward Weston, my photographs question accepted definitions of beauty, and illuminate the conflict between the perpetual existence of the natural world and humankind’s
struggle against, and recognition of, our impermanent place in it."

Emerging Artist Discovery Prize, Silver Award Finalist, Art Contest Winner 2011

International art competittion and art contest silver award winner int he emerging artist discovery prize
Anara Abzhanova, Kazakstan

“Enjoying nature, I draw strength from my environment, the seasons, and my heritage.”
"My paintings are a tribute to the tenderlove I hold for my native city of Almaty; my garden and my home. Fragments
of the avenues of trees can be seen in all parts of Almaty: whether the boulevards, squares, parks exteriors of buildings,” she states with pride when explaining her source of inspiration for her works.
“In my paintings I express the emotional experience of what I see, emitting a warm glow of what is special ... like in the movies.“
Anara makes us aware of the sometime both painful and pleasant impulses we experience when we witness the complexities of harmony, beauty, happiness, hostility, and fear in Nature. This young woman is a rising force of willpower and talent. She already has collectors in Kazakhstan, Turkey, France, Italy, Switzerland, USA and Japan and she’s only in her twenties.
“Early interest in painting determined my choice of path in life - I became an artist. I see the world in bright and bold colors, and live a fulfilling creative life. I love life. I like most to create art. It is how I can breathe under water. Making art for me is a breath of life-saving air. I want people to feel the energy I try to include in my paintings. I hope the feelings of the heart and soul are embodied in my work. Please find here beauty and harmony and happiness.”


Emerging Artist Discovery Prize, Silver Award Finalist, Art Contest Winner 2011

 Emerging Artist Discovery Prize, Silver Award Finalist, Art Contest Winner 2011

Francene Levin, USA

“Modular Paper Folding is my medium of choice through which I express my artistic vision.

I have taken a Chinese folk art and elevated its potential to a fine art medium worthy of your time and enjoyment. Constructing
the dynamic lines of organic forms has given me the opportunity to share my contemporary paper sculpture
with the world. I find limitless wonder in the possibilities of structure
and design that may be explored with multiple folded sheets of paper.”

The original Chinese paper folding technique used is called Zhe Zhi. It is modular in nature. Levin uses it as a fine art sculptural medium and it may contain as many as 3500 pieces of paper. Modular Zhe Zhi is also well known as an Asian folk art outside of China in Japan,
Thailand, and the Philippines. In the United States many know it as Golden Venture Art and 3D Origami.

"Creating abstract contemporary sculpture from flat paper is a challenge that consistently reveals the power of paper... My first art exhibits were held in my mother’s kitchen. Her patronage was invaluable and carried me through to my art studies at Brooklyn College, N.Y.C. I obtained my B.A. fine arts in 1966 and a M.A. Art Ed. in 1969.

The Brooklyn College art instructors significantly influenced my love of color, form, and design. However, my love of sharing art brought me to teaching at the middle school level. I continued to teach art in Florida for ten years. These art students were my greatest teachers. The discovery of Chinese Zhe Zhi modular paper folding was such a cultural experience taught to me by one of my art students. Working in this unique paper medium allows me to create my own geometric beauty and give a singular voice to the unity of many."


Emerging Artist Discovery Prize, Silver Award Finalist, Art Contest Winner 2011

 Emerging Artist Discovery Prize, Silver Award Finalist, Art Contest Winner 2011

Morgan Richardson, USA

Bay Area artist Morgan Richardson has called Northern California home his entire life. Born in Mountain View and raised in Milpitas, he developed a special affinity for the captivating landscapesthat surrounded him as a young child, from the beaches in Santa Cruz and Monterey to the hills of Sunol.
Early exposure to classics such as the Disney films and Warner Bros. cartoons and their vibrant colors and exaggerated characteristics influenced Richardson to have a unique and eclectic way of self-expression and interpretation of the otherwise mundane world around him. Later, Richardson began illustrating and painting psychedelic and off-the-wall ideas, from animal-machine hybrids to interpretations of a wild dream.
He also experimented with product design, fusing his love of art with his passion for skateboarding and music, especially guitars. In college, Richardson became seriously involved with photography. Early works included pictures of classic automobiles and guitars. Most recently, Richardson has added graphic design and his first published collection of photographs to his ever-growing artistic horizons.



Emerging Artist Discovery Prize, Silver Award Finalist, Art Contest Winner 2011

 Emerging Artist Discovery Prize, Silver Award Finalist, Art Contest Winner 2011

Ruchell Alexander, USA

Ruchell Alexander was a year old when he and his family settled in Northern New Mexico. Soon after arriving, Ruchell and his family were among the original members of the Magic Tortoise Commune which was established in 1973 on Lama Mountain.
It was his good fortune, artistically speaking, that another of the original members of Magic Tortoise was an erstwhile New Yorker named Bill Gersh who in 10 years would emerge as a renowned Southwest painter and sculptor...And as Ru matured--all the while living, jiving, and eating and working, in his fashion, side-by-side with his pal Bill it was inevitable that Bill became his mentor...although the influence of Bill's subject matter and technique is hard to see in Ru's early work. Only in the last two or three years has Ru been integrating Bill's powerful influence into his own art.
The result is Ruchell Alexander's art of today: larger, multi-figured canvasses with dramatic, autobiographical
subjects including indications of the centrality of Bill Gersh -- both personally and artistically in his formation as both a man and artist.
Creator in Art with Music:
Album: Lama Moods (Download from his site)

"It is very important to be listening to good music when I am working on my art.....I prefer Reggae because
it comes with a message. My life is art so I've got to keep on to keep producing new images."


Emerging Artist Discovery Prize, Silver Award Finalist, Art Contest Winner 2011

 Emerging Artist Discovery Prize, Silver Award Finalist, Art Contest Winner 2011

Jon Bøe Paulsen, Norway
Jon Bøe Paulsen, born 1958, Oslo
Eksamen artium 1977, Oslo
School of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 1979, USA
Norwegian State art Academy, Oslo 1980-1984
60 separate/collective exhibitions in Norway,
USA, England and France
Exhibition at ”Autumn-Festival” Salon d’Automne 100 year jubilee in Paris, Grand Palais, France 1983
Participant at the Norwegian State Art Exhibition ”Høstutstillingen” Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo 1990,1991,1993 og 1997 and Østlandsutstillingen in 1995
Festivalexhibiteur at the Nationaltheatre,Oslo with the painting collection "A Dollshouse" during the Ibsenfestival 1996
Documentaryfilm about his works nominated
for the Amanda Award 1990
”Under Sydkorset”, JBP Forlag, 1986 - ”Blant mennesker
og landskap”, Jahn Otto Johansen, Hjarrand Forlag 1992 - ”Et Dukkehjem – To dramaer mellom
dikt og virkelighet” Skrift og billedkatalog utgitt i forbindelse med Ibsenfestivalen 1996 - Editorials in Aftenposten og Dagbladet Norsk kunstnerleksikon,
COLLECTORS: The Norwegian State, public organizations, communities and private collectors.



Emerging Artist Discovery Prize, Silver Award Finalist, Art Contest Winner 2011

 Emerging Artist Discovery Prize, Silver Award Finalist, Art Contest Winner 2011

Richard Moore lll, USA

"One of the most frequent questions and, incidentally, one of the hardest to answer refers to the source of inspiration; the question “Where do you get the ideas for your artwork?” appears in nearly every conversation I have. While it is relatively easy to explain where the theme of a particular piece originated, it is an overwhelming task to catalog circumstances and list all possible influences that, in a way, forged the idea. After all, nearly every second of our lives shapes us and, although often indirectly, affects what we feel compelled to express and create.

Although each sculpture presented here was influenced by different experience in my life, they all tend to -- in some degree -- incarnate the darker side of my personality which I find to be a more intriguing, abundant and worth exploring source of inspiration and ideas than my usual lighthearted disposition. Visual influences include masterpieces of Baroque sculpture and movie monsters made of silicone; some significant, some seemingly trivial..."

Moore’s work is a fusion of a distinctive vision, ancient symbolism and an intrepid self-expression; it is a powerful blend that emboldens the observer to venture into often forbidden sphere of an uninhibited visual eloquence.


Emerging Artist Discovery Prize, Silver Award Finalist, Art Contest Winner 2011

 Emerging Artist Discovery Prize, Silver Award Finalist, Art Contest Winner 2011

Daniëlla Hulme, New Zealand

"Daniella's very colorful and distinctive paintings stand out in any situation. They are a product of her background, her own Dutch heritage and her husband's Samoan culture, which she has developed though her vision into a unique and captivating style, creating for her an enthusiastic and growing following for her works.

New Zealand's Governor-General, His Excellency Anand Satyanand, commissioned Daniella to create a large triptych to be given as a gift from NZ to the Tokelau Islands, and also her work was bought by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tourism, New Zealand embassy in Den Hague, Holland.
Strong, bright colours and clearly delineated, stylised motifs reminiscent of Pacific Islands' tapa cloths and carvings combine to striking effect in the works of Daniella Hulme.


Emerging Artist Discovery Prize, Silver Award Finalist, Art Contest Winner 2011

 Emerging Artist Discovery Prize, Silver Award Finalist, Art Contest Winner 2011

Mark Holden, Canada

“I deal with many issues including the playfulness and memories from my childhood, hostile social-political environments or the expression of time through the accumulation of objects or marks and streaks. I'm an artist who creates artwork using a variety of styles and materials including sculptures, paintings, videos, photography, drawings and installation art. ”

"The DJ paintings are just fun Expressionist-
Pop works honouring some of the many musicians that have influenced me and got me through the last 12 years. I first started the largest painting
(Gorillaz) in 1999 and finished it off in 2010. A friend liked it and encouraged me to do more, so as soon as it was warm out I borrowed a garage and started painting. I had so much fun painting these I could do 500 of them. I love working with color. So far there are 31 paintings in the series.
... I've been drawing since I was very young. In my portraits so much can be conveyed by the slightest facial expressions. I try to convey an emotion using the least amount of lines in the picture. In the past, I've exhibited drawings at The West Wing Gallery in Toronto, Canada and The AMS Gallery at the University of British Colombia in Vancouver. Feel free to contact me about my work."