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Venice and Dallas competitions for live exhibition have been closed due to an unexpected situation. Artist users can request a full refund of their entry fee(s) or free entry into a new competition(s). Contact showartists.info@gmail.com to request a refund or to exchange the users art competition entry to a different art competition. We apologize to all artist users for this unusual occurance. All our other art competition opportunities are still open!

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Announcement: Winners for the Santiago, Chile Art Exposition 2012 are listed below.

ShowArtists Winner of Santiago Expo 2012. Enter art contests. International call for artists. paris, la, los angeles, nyc, new york, san francisco, dallas

Joan Lukowiecky from the USA, is the Gold Award Solo Winner for ShowArtists Santiago Exhibition. 
This series of urban scenes in dramatic perspective will be featured at the Santiago Exhibition beginning December 1, 2011 at the Galeria de Arte TRECE. Joan's rich photographic and digital imagery presents her unique viewpoint of urban scenes, lights, people, nature and the body.  She entered her images in the Solo Santiago Exhibition and won first place. She will travel from her home in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida to attend the opening event in Santiago, Chile. Check out more of her art on ShowArtists and at Joan''s own website joanlukowieckyphoto.com. Buy and commission art directly from the Artist.
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ShowArtists Winner of Santiago Expo 2012. Enter art contests. International call for artists. paris, la, los angeles, nyc, new york, san francisco, dallas
Carla Colello from Argentina is the Gold Award Group Winner for ShowArtists Santiago Exhibition. 
These vibrant  photos capture the sometimes confused states of global culture. Carla distills with her camera scenes we can witness In today's world. They show us a pause, where we do not know what happens next, transformed by forces beyond control; off to become part of a larger story yet to be told. Check out more of her art on ShowArtists.

Silver Award Winners and Featured Artists:
Palolo Valdes, Chile

PALOLO VALDES BUNSTER Bellas Artes Chile 2011 © by Miguel Martinic from VideoMarketingChile on Vimeo.

Matias Vergara DeLorenzo, Chile   

Veronica Garcia Huidobro, Chile
Matias Noguera Correa, Chile
Isabel Arriagada Pozo, Chile
Rick Terror, Chile
Julita Luco, Chile
Ann Shogren, USA
AJ Landon, USA
Sandy MacNeil, Canada
Anara Abzhanova,    Kasakhstan


The Curators also selected Honorable Mention Finalists, acknowledging that talented artists from many countries entered amazing art in the Santiago Competition:
Wenquin Chen, China
Maria Marta Radman, Croatia
Jens Ingvard Hansen, Denmark
Yvette Kaiser Smith, United States
Jocelyne Clémente, France
Randy Won, USA
Alicia Urrea, Chile

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ShowArtists Winner of Santiago Expo 2012. Enter art contests. International call for artists. paris, la, los angeles, nyc, new york, san francisco, dallas

Read the International Press Release for the 1st Emerging Artist Discovery Prize.

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International Payment Update:

We have just finished developing an internationally friendly checkout and payment system.

Our new checkout is intuitive and friendly for artists from around the world.

You can now pay for fees with Major Credit cards. Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.



Does ShowArtists LLC hold the live art exhibitions itself?

No. ShowArtists LLC is a Limited Liability Company. Artists are advised that entering live exhibitions means contracting with an independent exhibition company who is not ShowArtists LLC. Live exhibitions are not held by ShowArtists LLC, itself. All live exhibition entrants should read and agree to any exhibition contracts and conditions with their live exhibitor company and live art exhibition venues, at their own risk. ShowArtists LLC takes no responsibility for any other company.

Can not join or submit. I am getting an error with my phone number. What should I do?

Enter your phone number with NO spaces, dashes, dots etc. Numbers only.

Like this 7076545677


Why enter now if the competition runs for months?

Enter early and get even more exposure for your art. The competition shows your art to the world the full time that the competition is open. ShowArtists.com is one of the most visited artist websites on the internet. Get the most bang for your buck and enter early.


I entered another competition and I won/ I did not win. What happens if I enter another art contest?

Most competitions have unique judges/curators for that specific competition. Also, even if you have entered before, each competition is curated based on the entrants for that single competition. That means you have an equal chance of being a winner for any competition, no matter what you may have won before. Enter and win!


I have tried to enter a competition(s) and the screen goes blank or white and does not complete the fee payment transaction. What should I do?

We use PayPal to handle all payments including credit card transactions. Occassionally the server at PayPal is too busy and it times out. This creates a stalled transaction and you see may see an error page or a white page. In this case, the transaction has not processed and we have not received the payment.

Please try again a few minutes later.

If your problem continues please contact at showartists.info@gmail.com.


What does it cost to enter my art in a competition?

The entry fee for group competitions is $39, $69 or $89 USD, depending on the competition. You can enter up to 5 images with one entry fee.

Some solo wall competition art entry fees are also available at $99, $199 or $299 USD, depending on the competition. You can enter up to 5 images with one entry fee. 

Please note that some prestigious live exhibitions have an additional exhibition fee, if you win and you also choose to exhibit live. Any additional exhibition fee for winners showing in a live exhibition, is listed in the information about that particular live exhibition.


What is this "Call for Artists" about?

Show Artists is running several unique competitions to allow artists from anywhere on the planet an unprecedented opportunity to show art at prestigious world destination art venues. Show Artists is all about creating the access and connections needed to allow talented artists to suceed in today's art world.


What if I don't have a PayPal account to use for payment?

GREAT NEWS! Our internationally friendly checkout system is completed.


A PayPal account is NOT needed. You can now pay by majpr credit cards. Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.


Payment and art uploads questions:

Our artists are from all over the world, which means artists are using our site with varying speeds of internet and varying internet service providers (ISP's) and systems. Here are some suggestions to combat a few issues that can come up.

  • If you have a problem using our payments system, such as getting a blank page, or a alert, please try another browser like Chrome or Safari.
  • If you have problems uploading art, please reduce your image sizes to 500-800kb maximum and try again.
  • "404 Errors" and blank white pages after attempting to upload, are generally due to your own ISP being quite busy at that time, or can be due to attempting to upload files that are larger than your own ISP can handle at that time. In this case, try another time when your ISP may be less busy with users and upload images no larger than 500kb.
  • "You are not allowed!" error message after uploading art. This generally means that you local ISP is too busy. The problem can usually be fixed by uploading a 500kb image. You may have to upload one image at a time, if you local ISP is quite busy with internet users.


Can an artist from another country enter the competitions?

Yes. Any artist 14 years of age or older can enter our competitions. Artists can be from any country on the planet.


Can I enter more than one competition?

Yes. Any artist can enter any and all competitions. Art that is entered and uploaded is considered for the competition the art is entered in.


How will I know if I have been selected to show my art at the live exhibition?

All winners are shown on the website and are also contacted by email.


What is the different between the SOLO competition and the GROUP competitions?

The Group show is up to 5 artists who win our competition, plus 5-7 featured professional international artists. The SOLO competition is for a prestigious solo exhibition at our group exhibition. The solo artist gets a designated space at the show that allows the artist to be featured as a solo exhibition and provides more room for that artist to show more art.


Can I enter both group and solo competitions at each location?

Yes. If you are interested in both opportunities, please apply for both. JUrors look at just the art submitted for each compettition so, submitting for one willn ot get you entered in the other one. You should enter and submit art for every competition that you are interested in.


If I enter one competition, will my art be considered for all exhibitions?

The jurors only look at the pieces entered for each individual competition. Enter each competition you are interested in and upload art images for that specific competition. Jurors will not see the art entered in other competitions.


Can I enter free?

All artists who enter the competition pay entry fees.


How can I be a "Featured Artist" at the exhibition and bypass the competition?

There are limited places available per exhibition that are pay-to-play spots as featured artists. These featured arists opportunities are considered as a first come first serve basis. A Featured Artist pays $4800-$6800 USD to have a guaranteed space at the show. All featured artists must be reviewed by all 4 jurors to be included. Anyone interested in being a featured artist must enter as a solo competition entry and pay the listed, solo competition entry fee.  Then contact us by email asking that we consider you for a featured artist. showartists.featured@gmail.com


Can I enter the art venues on my own without working through ShowArtists.com?

Most of our prestigious art venues are closed to individual artists. Generally, artists must be included with a world-class, international art gallery exhibition. Our opportunities allow access to exhibit art in prestigious venues that are generally closed to an individual artist.


Can I register and come back later to upload my art?

Yes. We now have a login management system. If you come back later, simply login and you will be taken directly to your account page. On this page, click on "SUBMIT AGAIN". This will take you to the page to upload your art for that competition.


Why is my art not showing on the site under "Art Submitted"?

We review art several days a week. Art that is not offensive to any particular group gets approved and is shown on the "Art Submitted" pages. If you do not see your art within 10 days, then, we may have decided not to approve it to be shown to the public. All art is visible to the art competition jurors even if it does not show up online.


How can I contact you if I have further questions?

Email us at showartists.info@gmail.com


Frequently Asked Questions

To contact us, first read through this FAQ for answers to your questions. If this doesn't help, contact us at showartists.info@gmail.com. For the full official rules and regulations of the contest,see the Contest Rules page.


 What is the Open Call about?

This is an international open call for innovative and dynamic work in all mediums, awarding $2,000 in cash prizes, a live art exhibition exhibition with exclusive press releases, a listing and live link on our website and inclusion in an online feature.

All types of work are accepted, including Sculpture, Installation, Painting, Drawing, Photography, Design, Illustration, Fashion, Furniture, and more!

Conceptual proposals are also welcome.


What is the Best of Show, Grand Prize Package?

The competition jurors choose the best art of the LIVE exhibitions to receive the Best of Show, Grand Prize Award. This artist also receives  $1500 in cash, worldwide exposure at our live exhibition and an online feature promoting the artist's work internationally. Online only exhibitions such as the Art Curated Prize and the Emerging Artist Discovery Prize receive an international PR package and do not receive cash.

How can I share my art portfolio online with others?

You can easily use the sharing options on the site and send out your message on facebook, myspace, digg, delicious, twitter and stumbleupon.

How do I view my art online ?

If you submitted an online entry, you will be able to see your art on our "Art Submitted" section.

We review the art several days a week and approve art to be shown on the site. Art that is offensive to any particular group will not be shown on the site. All art is visible to the art competition jurors, even if it is not shown on the website.

What is the deadline for entry?

Each competition has it's own deadline for entry. Deadlines are listed on the "Contests" page.

What type of Art do you accept?

We are looking for all types of art including (and definitely not limited to): Sculpture, Installation, Painting, Drawing, Photography, Design, Illustration,  and more! Conceptual proposals are also welcome. If you have any questions regarding the type of work accepted, please feel free to contact us at showartists.info@gmail.com.

How do I submit my work?

Our online submission form is quick and easy! All applicants will receive an online showing of their art and will be eligible to win a chnace to show art at the live exhibition. Each artist is also eligible for the Grand Prize Award.

Price for entry is $39 for up to 5 images for the group competition, online competitions and $299 for solo competitions. You can enter one or both competitions at each location.

After completing payment, you can use the link back to showartists.com and immediately start uploading your art. After uploading, check to be sure your file types and sizes are correct and then click to submit your art.

Can I email or Mail-in My Entry?

Email and Mail-In Entry is not accepted for our competitions.

What is the group exhibition submission fee?

Price for entry is $39  for up to 5 images.,


What is the solo exhibition submission fee?

Price for entry is $299  for up to 5 images.,


Why is the solo exhibition fee so much higher?

The solo artist receives a much larger exhibition space at venues where use of the space is very expensive. The solo artist fee is also meant to filter out artists who can not afford to send a large ampount of art on to the exhibition. There are less solo artists entrants, so the chances of winning the solo exhibition are higher.


Are transactions on your website secure?

Yes. We use the latest encryption technology and trusted processors to make sure your personal information is kept confidential and secure.