Santa Fe Spring Awakenings

Santa Fe, USA "Spring Awakenings" 2011 Art Curated Gallery Exhibition

Art Exibition in Santa Fe with art competition winning art.

Finalists: Jose de la Barra, Ann Shogren, Jude Steele and AJ Landon

Winner : Ann Shogren

Finalists Ann Shogren, Jude Steele and AJ Landon are now Judges for ShowArtists.

Jose de la Barra / Peru

Jose de la Barra, Finalist in Santa Fe art contest.

De la Barra's reputation is well pronounced throughout South America, and has lead to a long career history of eminent exhibitions and Awards. His reputation has sent his work all over Europe and North America where he is recognized as one of the most innovative artists of his generation. Jose De la Barra was published in Art Business News, “Emerging Artist”, September, 2001. USA Jose De la Barra was born on 6th August 1956 in Peru. He has created a dream-like world through his expressing the internal and external fantasies of his imagination with his precise talents in painting and drawing. The expressions and the sensual movements that appear in each piece, create mystic allegories about the universe. By combining his interest in the human form with his desire for symbolic content, he has engendered a language that explains the human condition through a unique perspective. There is a method through which he develops his art relying on material and composition to develop his personal, magical universe. De la Barra considers himself a Surrealist, one who plays and exaggerates reality as perceived in this subjective world. He attended the Fine Arts Autonomous Superior School in Lima, Peru, where he studied Painting, illustration, and Murals, combining this academic training with innate tendencies toward abstraction, he developed a figurative style that was immediately well received and noted for its innovation.

Selected Exhibitions: "Galerie Eclat Dàrt", Colmar, France, 2010, France. "The Fuschia Art Gallery", New Delhi, 2008, India. "Human Image Exhibition",Broward Art Guild, 2008 Florida, USA " The Best of 123SOHO 2006 award " New york 2006, 123 Inc.USA " Color III International Exhibition ", Period Gallery 2005, Nebraska, USA. " Face ", River Bank Gallery, New York 2002, USA. " Dream" , Ineramerican Bank Development, Washington 1999. USA " Figure Fantastic ", Agora Gallery 1999, New York, USA.


Ann Shogren / USA

Ann Shogren creates dynamic works that are all about the energy and light she experiences about a certain place or subject. Due to the great energy in her work, Ann Shogren was able to start selling her work to collectors at a very young age.

Ann Shogren's pieces are in over 1000 collections around the world.


Recent Selected Artist Exhibitions

Group Exhibition “Spring Awakenings,” Art Curated Gallery March 2011

Solo Exhibition, “Landscapes of Design”, Art Curated Gallery, January 2011

Group Exhibition Jeanette Williams Fine Art, September, 2010

Group Exhibition Jeanette Williams Fine Art, October, 2010

Solo Exhibition, Art Curated Gallery, November 2010

Solo Exhibition, Portalais Gallery, 2010

Solo Exhibition, Stonestreet Winery 2009

Group Exhibition, Arrowood Winery 2009

Solo Exhibition Tenba Ridge Winery 2009


AJ Landon / Chile

AJ LANDON • Andre lives & works in Healdsburg, California & Santiago, Chile

INSPIRATIONS: Nature, Italian Icons, Trash, Picasso, Expressionists, Rauschenberg, Ads, Pin ups...
ALBUM: Bob Marley - too many to mention
AGE: 35
EDUCATION: Nova Scotia College of Art & Design/Massachusetts college of Art & Design
HOBBIES: travel & observing & snow boarding
Iconic face imagery is AJ's starting point. He then develops his compositions with found objects, trash, rusted metal, abstract expressions, pattern, scrapings, markings, and color. Merging them into the compositions that form his unique works. He does not talk much about his intentions as he prefers the viewer to bring their own meaning and emotion projections to his works by simply presenting his intuitive expressions. Pieces are typically 2 to 6 feet in mixed media with copper, car parts, paint, paper, pastels, & fabrics integrating trash found in the surrounding environments & studios. His environmental and furniture works include designing & building interior & exterior spaces with natural and recycled materials, including stone, metals, trash, adobe & paint. Works have shown internationally in New York, CA, Chile, Canada, and Spain
AJ Landon was born in the US (1975) and grew up primarily in Washington, DC and Crested Butte, Colorado where he began developing his early artworks as a teenage snow boarder and world traveler. After roaming many places in Latin America and Europe and Scandanavia, he now resides and works half time in Healdsburg, CA, and the other half in Chile.  AJ Landon has participated in shows in the USA, Canada, Europe and Latin America, and was the top seller at a charity auction at Christies in NYC in 2002. He studied studio arts at several schools including the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and Massachusetts College of Art. He then worked in his studios refining his personal art making process in Brooklyn, NY, Mexico, France, Spain, California, and Chile. He is currently showing at the Art Curated Gallery, 802 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM.
Mixed media Artist, AJ Landon, feels that the message is up to the viewer to determine. He simply wants us to enjoy his works and stimulate our thoughts and feelings. With studios previously in New York and now in California and Chile, he searches through city streets, dumps, construction sites, forests and auto wrecking yards to find materials for his iconic women’s portraits, sculptures and abstractions. By combining earth pigments, metals, rags, paper, spray paint, even plastic and trash, he mines for the colors and patinas found in his works from the stuff we throw away to produce images of our current ‘mash up’ of global culture. He says,“I simple consider myself a maker experimenting with materials, technique, form, process and cultural imagery. I try not to attach too much meaning to these pieces as I prefer that others bring their own meanings to the works.”
A lot of time, energy, and materials goes into his works including drawing, adding, taking away, building, cutting, pounding and scraping. Through this process the pieces seem to begin holding a presence of their own. He says, “I try to avoid “thinking” too much and let the pieces evolve on their own.” Like other younger artist from the streets, AJ’s work challenges us to feel our world through all our senses by showing a new relationship between painting and reality, one that has to be determined anew, and whose point of reference is the viewer’s own experience.

Recent Exhibitions:
05-09  Indigo, featured artist,  Algarrobo, Chile
01-05  Gertrude Stein Gallery,  group shows, New York/Bronxville, NY
02    Christies Young Artists Auction, auction-top seller, New York, NY
00    Aix-n-Provence MCAD Arts, group show, Aix-n-Provence, France
00    Zara Exhibition, group show, Washington, DC
99    La Fabrica, featured artist, Antiga, Guatamala
98    Balancing Stones Exhibition, group show, Prospect Point, Canada
98    Halifax Arts Center, group show, Halifax, Nova Scotia
97-98    Ann Lowenstein Gallery, group shows, Halifax, Nova Scotia
95-96    Villa Dona Gallery, featured artist, Washington DC
93    Monserrat Arts Gallery, group show, Beverly, MA   
92    Nantucket Arts Center, group show, Nantucket, MA
91    Philadelphia Academy of Arts, group show, Philadelphia, PA

1996-1999    Nova Scotia College of Art & Design        Halifax, Nova Scotia
95        Mass. College of Art                    Boston, MA
93        Monserrat College of Art                Beverly, MA
92        Nantucket Studio School                Nactucket, MA
91        Philadelphia Academy of Art            Philadelphia, PA


Jude Steele / Chile

LIVE + WORK + PLAY + DREAM are four words that symbolize Jude Steele’s life, works, and viewpoint. Each word expresses her commitment and curiosity for making multi-faceted art projects.  She expresses her ideas, memories, questions, and solutions in a language of mixed media art and design that includes a variety of works from paintings to architecture. Whether it is an abstraction, portrait, landscape, perspective, sculpture, garden, building, or eco village, Jude’s focus is on space, light, color, reflection, texture, and form integrated with memory and balance. 

Her interest in art was stimulated by travel and academic studies in art history, philosopy, abstract expressionism, the classics, and an international design career. Myth, metaphor, beauty, sustainablility, meaning - these type of inquiry she translates into abstract visual terms and shares with the viewer. Her works explore our relationships with nature, the built environment, and each other. She uses her formal design and art experience combining organic and non organic form to further the dialog between aesthetics, content, and symbolism.  Her works can search for meaning and feeling or, simply explore a whimsical mix of past art imagery in context to our present experience, dreams and aspirations. She says, “I like to mix up old and new styles and art movements and play with materials and technique to see if a new viewpoint emerges. I think the essence of energies found in Art, Nature and our made environment permeates our being whether we notice or not. When we take time to look we can see meanings and shift towards more fully being ourselves. Then we can feel happier, more resilent and connected. Our hearts open. More is possible. Isn’t our quality of life all about our viewpoint?